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i wear size 11 boots and i ride 17 degree...

i wear size 11 boots and i ride 17 degree angles on both bindings should i get this board or the wide board?

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Just to be safe, I would say yes go for a wide. The cut-off usually for reg width boards are an 11 boot, unless your boot has shrinkage tech. It also depends on what size of bindings you have. Now saying that, you do ride a little more ducked than i do (15 and -15) and you might be able to squeeze on it. But to be safe I would say go for the wide bec the waist on this deck is only 250, and you want something more towards 255 width. I ride a Rome Machine 154W and I have size 12 feet and L/XL Union Contacts. The waist on my Machine is 260 and I have no toe or heel drag at all, just to give you an idea. Hoipe this helps brotha