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i was wondering if this pack will hold...

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i was wondering if this pack will hold enough gear for two nights. if not atleast one night? I usually carry a tarp instead of a tent. if it isn't big enough if i go with terra 65 is the bag gonna be baggy with out carrying a tent on shorter trips.

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If you pack lightish you should be able to swing it fine.

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Once you get in all the gear that you need for 1 night, adding more nights is really just adding food. If you can do 1 night, 2-3 will be pretty easy. That's what I've found anyway.

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def enough space, you can rig stuff to the side straps too. Thats how i carry my sleeping pad and tent.

Then i put my sleeping bag in the bottom of the pack and have more than enough space for a week +.

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With my sleeping bag in the bottom, my sleep pad wrapped around it, my tent or tarp strapped to the outside, I'm able to pack enough clothes and food for a week. Mind you, I only take one xtra pair of pants and and lite shirt, plus what I'm wearing. So one to two nights shouldn't be a problem.