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i have an 2006 nissan sentra with a spoilier...

i have an 2006 nissan sentra with a spoilier on the trunk will this rack work... If not any suggestions?

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"It will fit if the rear spoiler is completely attached to the car with no space between it and the trunk. If you have a floating spoiler that is attached to the car at only the two ends, then a trunk mount rack is not rated to work with your vehicle."

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HEY! This needs some substantiation folks. low profile 2 point attached OEM spoilers are everywhere. These trunk lids are not any less substantial than an ordinary one; they are often installed at the dealership.
So what's the real issue? The height of the spoiler from trunk deck? Is it suggested that a slipping rack will more readily escape the spoilers in question??

Two or 4 holes on the ends of a trunk lid and a 4 inch rise (less than the rack's horizontal plane of use) from the lid better not be an authenticatable weakness. Or a lot of motorcyclists are going to get killed by spoilers that detach when your macdonalds heavyweight gargantuan drink cup filled with ice hits it... no you didn't litter... you forgot it on top of the car after a long day of fun whitewater/xc/ whatever ...

I'm a fan of, but I don't trust this response to avoid trunk mounts a priori