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i have a 20 degree synthetic pinole from...

i have a 20 degree synthetic pinole from mountain hardwear. It sounds like it won't fit in the sleeping bag compartment. Is there a removable divider? would it fit if i put it in a compression sack first for putting it in the sleeping bag compartment

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The pack uses a lashed divider to separate the top compartment from the sleeping bag compartment. You can unhook the divider to create one large compartment in the pack. That being said, a compression sack for your sleeping bag will still be a good idea as it will help to take up less space in the pack. Check out sea to summit or granite gear for an awesome compression sack.

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It should fit fine, definitely will with a compression sack. I have a zero degree bag that I can still shoehorn in, in a large sea to summit dry compression bag.

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I have the 75L version of this pack and my Pinole 20F fits without a compression sack,if that helps