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i am thinkin about getting these mainly...

i am thinkin about getting these mainly for backpacking but could i possibly use them for snowmobileing if i layered socks in them? do they do well in cold?

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You may be able to get by. But there is no substitute for real insulation. I've worn them for a few hours while post-holing around in crusty, knee-deep snow (feet mostly submerged in snow) on a 25 degree F day. Just barely warm enough. I would have definitely appreciated legitimate winter boots.

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These are ideal for backpacking, so you won't be disappointed there. But Mat is correct, these boots are not insulated, so it largely depends on what temperatures you'll be facing. I find these plenty warm for a lot of winter activities, but I'm also active. Perhaps look to a real winter boot and this boot and take the hit with cost.