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i am a side sleeper, which causes pain on...

i am a side sleeper, which causes pain on my legs during the night when i sleep on the floor. This model is comfortable enough for my needs? It comes with a cover to keep?
Is it better than the ProLite Plus in this sense?

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I'm a side sleeper too (: look at the "Them-a-Rest NeoAir" I use it and it like a dreem....(no cover that I find. but never look for)

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Me too. I've found that the self-inflating pads just aren't thick enough--not enough give in the middle. Even the thickest don't do it for me. The Exped DownMat (even the 7cm one) was a revelation for me. Not quite as comfortable but still adequate in the summer (and much lighter than the DownMat) is the NeoAir.

Also, I've found that it's very worthwhile carrying a pillow. I use the Cocoon inflatable one that weighs 70 grams, but it's not very warm in winter, and I haven't found a solution to that problem yet. It'd work okay to put between your knees to relieve back strain while you sleep, but something wider such as a sit-pad might work better for that.

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I am a side sleeper and although its not spectacular its still a better choice than the prolite plus