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i am 6' tall,could i fit into the 6'...

i am 6' tall,could i fit into the 6' Versalite?

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Western's 6' bags are designed to fit a 6' tall person (no measured at 6' tall so really fits 5'10"). It should fit you perfectly.

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Kate is right, 6"-0" is max user height. I'm the same height as you and I find the 6'-6" a much more comfortable length- let's me hunker in or stash my clothing down in the foot box without having my feet jammed up.

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Im 6'1 & have 2 WM 6' bags and i fit fine, not a tight fit at all.(i was worried about this as well before i bought)
I have 2 long bags (6'6") from other manufacturers as well and i swim in them-wasted space and just more weight to carry