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how much weight will a black diamond...

how much weight will a black diamond grappling hook hold? Is there a specific grappling hook that you would recommend for climbing buildings?

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I don't think i would recommend this for buildings. Definitely built for rock climbing, but overall the hook should hold pretty much anything (of significance). I mean, the material it is grappled to is more of a question than this piece of metal. What did you have in mind anyway? Hope this helps.

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It seems like you are insinuating to use this as a "ninja-style" grappling hook by launching it to a roof and climbing a rope attached to the hook. Though this is significantly smaller and intended for a totally different purpose. This grappling hook is 3 inches tall and is used by hooking it onto incut features on a rock formation (just above head height) and then climbing a sling ladder until the hook is mid-body height and repeating the process. As far as strength is concerned the hook is only designed for static weight and would not be recommended for more than body weight (approx 2 kN).