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how long do these watches last? are they...

how long do these watches last? are they super durable?

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The battery life is estimated at 1.5 years. But the battery is pretty easy to change with the right size screwdriver.

To keep your watch in tip top shape, we recommend you follow these guidelines to care for your Deuce watch:
1. Avoid leaving your watch in extremes for long periods of time: direct sunlight, extremely warm or cold conditions.
-Extreme heat will cause malfunction and shorten the battery life
-Extreme cold will cause the watch to gain or lose time

2. Avoid extreme shock or impact. Your watch is designed to withstand impact under normal use.

3. Do not operate any of the function buttons when the watch is submerged in water.
-Should water or condensation appear in the watch face, have the watch checked immediately. Water can corrode electronic parts inside the case.

4. Do not submerge your watch in hot water or the shower.

5. Keep your watch clean with a soft cloth and water only.