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how does this tent compare to the msr...

how does this tent compare to the msr stormkingI see the price is about half

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the eureka one is only three men and it has almost the same pole design. the msr one has 2 doors and the eureka has only 1 door and 1 vestibules, the eureka one has a window which is very nice to look threw when it is snowing and raining. the eureka tent has been used on mt. everestThe MSR Stormking is a five person tent, weighs 2 pounds more, & is $400 more expensive. The decision is all yours!(The comment about the doors and the vestibule is incorrect in this answer. The K2-xt has 2 doors and 2 vestibules - a large hooped one in the front, and a stake out one in the back. The doors are both the same - in fact, the tent body is symmetrical, the fly can be rotated 180.)The K2-XT has two doors and two vestibules actually. The larger one is pictured, the smaller is perfect for boots and like items.