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how does 3 layer eVent compare to 3 layer...

how does 3 layer eVent compare to 3 layer proshell?

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Without going into much detail: Both 3 layer systems (GoreTex and eVent) utilize:
1.) outer layer (face fabric, nylon, etc.)
2.) middle layer, or membrain (GoreTex, eVent, etc.)
3.) inner layer, or backer (which protects the membrain and starts the moisture transfer process).

All 3 layers are laminated together. The middle layer or membrain (goretex, eVent), and thickness or type of outer layer (or face fabric) and inner layer will determine the waterproofness and breathability. You can do a web search on "pro shell vs event" to see much more detail with supporting numbers, test cases, etc.