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how do you wash these shoes? can they go...

how do you wash these shoes? can they go in the washer?

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I would just spot clean them.

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It would all depend on the material your DC Villain is made from. If they are leather or suede I would not recommend it. If they are a textile (canvas or a fabric material) go for it. Use a pretreatment (Spray n Wash, Shout, etc) to get the heavy dirt out and throw them in a cold cycle. I don't recommend putting them in the dryer. Let them air dry.
If you do have the leather or suede ones check your local store or shoe peddler for a good leather/suede cleaner or use a damp cloth and try to rub that dirt out.

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I have the white pair with the nylon top. For the top I use a foaming sneaker cleaner, and for the leather and rubber, I went to Champs and got their magic sponges. Best shoe cleaner for white shoes.