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how do i decide to go for "standard" or...

how do i decide to go for "standard" or "short"? does my boot size matter? i think my boots are 24.5 or 25thanks, becca

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In the "select options" pulldown menu, just right of the picture. And your boot size doesn't matter.

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If you are going to be skinning up steeper terrain, then the tall climbing bail is what you want. If you are skinning up lower angle slopes, then then short bail would be fine. The standard bail is somewhere in between.
Remember, the reason for climbing bars is to keep your foot level, even though your skis are pointed up. The bails also keep your legs from stretching too much, and wearing you out. The standard bails should be good enough for most terrain, but if I prefer taller bails for the steeper slopes.
Boot size does not affect compatibility, but since you are a fairly small boot, the tall ones will seem taller than they would for a larger footed person.