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hi! what kind of weather is this for? would...

hi! what kind of weather is this for? would it be alright for 10-15 celcius when windy and wet?

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This jacket sports 80g of synthetic insulation, you would most likely need to add an additional layer for days around 0 C, but it should be fine for 10-15 degrees. (The warmer jackets that we carry have around 100g of insulation).
This jacket sports 10k waterproofing and a DWR coating (which repels water) which should be sufficient. For reference, a top of the line waterproof rating will be between 20-40k. The waterproofing on this jacket will surely be good for most conditions. However if you are outside for multiple hours in rain or sleet, you would begin to notice moisture seeping through. If these conditions sound familiar, you might want to opt for something with a higher waterproof rating.