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hi there, my little one will be almost 2...

hi there, my little one will be almost 2 yo in August when we will be in Yellowstone, WY... I understand it could get as cold as 40 F in the night: will this bag be ok and should we make sure to add liner, dress her with long bottoms and shirt? the other daughter will be 4 yo by then: I guess we should get 2 of these and we should be good to go... suggestions?

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For no less than 40 degrees, a couple of these should do. Besides making sure both kids have the option of wearing a thermal layer, make sure they have some warm socks. Also make sure to keep them up off the ground with a pad of some sort- convective heat loss from sleeping directly on the ground is what will make or break any bag's effectiveness.

Another option for a kid's sleeping bag with a lower temperature rating (20 degrees) would be The North Face Tigger.

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Thanks a lot Phil, we'll be using the sleeping bags in warmer places as well (we are from Rio de Janeiro) so I think I will go for these. I am tempted by the Tigger as well but I am afraid it would not be as useful once back home... we'll have nice padding (Z-Lite or similar if not even a DownMat).