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hi Im think about purchasing 8 - 10 QD for...

hi Im think about purchasing 8 - 10 QD for trad routes in mountains and trads on crags. and im thinking about those and Astro's The Question is - which ones ? Astros are lighter but smaller , Nitros are bit heavier and bigger. Nit sure which ones should I go for. Like if its more dificult to clip both lines of rope into Astro than Nitro?

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...and if you don't know, when Grouch says "alpine draws", he means a single length (60cm/24") sling with two carabiners on it. These are especially nice because you can customize which carabiners and slings to use - I'd recommend the BD Dynex (for its durability, small bar tack, and thin profile), with a BD Oz for the gear end, and the larger Camp photon for the rope end. Having two different colored biners makes sure the rope biner never develops burrs from rubbing on steel hangers or cables.

How to make an alpine draw: