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Gear Question

hi I am curious about this product cause...

hi I am curious about this product cause I see that it has a 5 star rating but I was wondering if it would be my best bet or if their is something else out their that is more efficient to use for my snowboarding next year and that is running a decent price range

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The only other thing comparable in terms of weight and functionality is the black diamond raven ultra (which is a couple ounces heavier). This on is certainly more expensive, but you get what you pay for - and in this case, its the steel pick and tip and the light weight.

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Any axe will do; you're really only spending the extra money on this for the weight savings. Any of the BD Ravens, Grivels, or other CAMP axes will all function basically identically. People just really like this axe since it's so light, but you can get away with paying a lot less for basically the same performance in a slightly heavier package.