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Gear Question

hey i see some ac40s offered w/m-12 marker...

hey i see some ac40s offered w/m-12 marker binding and another ski/binding combo w/14.0 piston binding there a diff...also i was wondering about the diff. between the ac30s vs ac40s...i demoed the ac40 and really liked them...iwas in utah recently and the conditions were fantastic....however i ski mostly northeast upper vermont and whiteface...any insight is appreciated thanks

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the difference between the 12 and 14 is the DIN setting. 14 has a DIN setting that goes up to 14. 12 should be fine unless you are obese or ski like seth morrison. I just bought the ac 40s and have skiied them in variable conditions at stowe. they have great edge control - good east coast ski for someone who doesnt ski groomers all day. ac 30s are less of an expert ski (maybe more advanced/intermediate). If you demoed the ac 40 adn liked it I would recommend it over the ac 30