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hey guys I am 5'3 anyone know if it's a...

hey guys I am 5'3 anyone know if it's a good idea for me to get the 157cm size for this? or will it be too big for me still?

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Height only has a little to with sizing up ur deck. Its mainly based on weight and how big of a deck you like to ride and what you mainly ride, ie park, pipe, groomers etc. Seeing as its a directional deck, im guessing you mainly ride groomers or pow? How much do you weigh? If ur 5'3, then the 157 is too big for you, unless you like riding a huge deck. I would put you on a 152 for a good solid all around ride but wont be a hassel in the park if you decided to rip through. A little bigger if you mainly ride the pow, and the same(152) or possibly smaller if you mainly ride park. But seeing as it is a hybrid camber board, you are able to ride something a little shorter in comparison to a traditional cambered deck. So if you usually ride a 155, you could technically drop to lets say a 152 and you wont notice much of a difference. So in comparison to me, im 6' 170lbs and I ride a 154W. Hope this helps