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hey, Im debating on these and Black Diamond...

hey, Im debating on these and Black Diamond Trail Compact poles. The weight is quite the same, the carbon are little bit longer (Im 5'10" so both would be fine), seems to be little more sturdier than trail compact and they are made from carbon which is more durable. However the carbons are almost twice the price than trails compact... I dont know which to choose. I 'm gonna use them on climb approaches on pretty rocky mountain terrain. but also in the woods , backpacking and just allround.

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I have the old version of these of love them nevertheless. I was going for a trekking pole that had cork handles, as they absorbed sweat the best. Rubber just got slippery and annoying after a while, and the foam wicked moisture away, but then it becomes like a wet sponge. So cork was one of my first points. I also really liked the carbon idea. Carbon allows the pole to absorb more shock and resist bending better than aluminum. But, when carbon breaks, it doesn't bend. It shatters and breaks. I have found that the flick lock is nice and easy, but it does require some fine tuning to keep it tight. Overall, I picked these because of the durable and more forgiving carbon shaft, cork grips, and adjustable length. I like them so much, I might get a newer pair as mine are getting old. You won't go wrong with these. Hope that helps.

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These are great poles, but the trail compacts are also a good buy. the big difference is indeed the material. go with the carbon fiber. I've owned both aluminum and carbon fiber poles. I've seen aluminum bend and break, but I've never seen anyone shatter a carbon pole. you would have to really try to break the pole for it to bust. But if that were to happen, you can purchase the pieces to repair the pole. Alex has good points with both the cork handles and also the flick locks, both great features. Overall, I'd recommend these poles.