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gear heads, how does this compare to the...

gear heads, how does this compare to the MH Ghost Whisperer Jacket? (no hood version of course) The easy positives of this jacket i can see so far are:

- Left chest pocket
- 10D fabric (i don't know what the MH GW has, but some people had said that it was fragile fabric?)

anything else? can't decide btw the two!

thanks in advance

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The uses a down that is slightly lesser quality at 850 fill (still really good as most jackets in this category is 800). This jacket should be slightly warmer as it uses higher quality down and weighs a full 1.2 oz more meaning they put more down in the jacket. The Mountain Hardwear also uses an equal 10D fabric and will be very similar. Seems like for the price and the quality of down this one would be the way to go, unless you dont want that extra ounce of weight.

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Mountain Hardware makes awesome stuff no doubt about it. But? their fit and finish for whatever reason always seems off. Its like their products are roughhewn. I cant explain it but if I had to guess (1) they are trying for the look or (2) the time simply isnt put into finishing the product like Marmot can or does. Mountain Hardware is better than the North Face (IMO) but if you compare them to Marmot, it really ends up not being fair. Having said that, I rarely look past Marmot these days. Everything they make is spot on practically.

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when comparing insulation, 850 versus 900 fill does not necessarily mean either jacket is warmer or colder. that simply quantifies how much insulation is provided for a given weight. two jackets, one 850 and one 900, if they both weigh 10 oz, the 900 will be warmer. or, the 900 could be lighter (9.5 oz), provide the same warmth, and be more packable.

the telling stat here is weight. all fabrics being equal, the marmot is 1.4oz heavier with higher quality down, so should be warmer and nearly as packable. but remember, when talking about fractions of an ounce, some of that weight is because of the extra pocket. it's not all extra down. the deciding factors are probably whether or not you run hot, and intended use.