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does the kit comes with a clip holder...

does the kit comes with a clip holder assembly? also is the clip suppose to be flush against the car or just as long as it holds? i tried for hours tryin to make it flush be there its always a lil off

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The rack comes with all pieces except the Q-towers and the Q-clips (well and bars/locks/etc). The car-specific Q-clips will fit right in to the stretch kit pieces.. nothing additional is needed.

I had this on a Mazda3, and I believe the clips were flush with the car. They shouldn't be uneven or pulling, or it could damage your roof (and perhaps make the rack less stable). I once took detailed pictures of a rack I was concerned with the fit on, and emailed the pics to Yakima. A fit expert responded, and worked me through the problem. Great customer service. You could also go to your local rack store (REI/EMS/Rack N Road), and they could help you with fit.