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does anyone have any knowledge on this new...

does anyone have any knowledge on this new fabric and how it compares in the field against the previous epic fabric generation?

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I am going to ask the same question. I liked this cool tent, but comparing materials I think a MSR hubba is better choice. Nanoshield only supports 900 mm column of water, hubba 1500 and the floor 2000 whereas the hubba 5000. Could anyone give his oppinion?

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John, I have a Nanoshield Highlight and have yet to camp in it. I did however set it up in my driveway during a huge rain storm (un-seam sealed) and sprayed water from a hose on it at the same time. I too was curious about Nanoshield. After an hour or hard rain and 30 mins. of me squirting it, I found about three drops behind an interior pole. It was virtually floating in water. I was shocked! I will seal it and will have no problems taking it out on the trail.