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do these fit snug around the thigh leg...

do these fit snug around the thigh leg area?

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It really depends on how big your thighs are. I am 6 foot, 165 lbs and I ordered a medium and they aren't snug around the thigh/leg area. Had I ordered a small then I would probably be ok. I would say my legs are slightly skinnier than average though and these would probably fit the average thigh just about right.

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I'm 6'2", ~185-190lbs, 34.5-35" waist, 32.5-33" inseam w/ relatively decent sized thighs. I also went with the medium and mine don't fit snug at all at the bottom of the thighs but are semi-compression fit through the upper thigh and hips w/ a thin-medium base layer on. The pads still seem to provide plenty of coverage and don't seem like they will be sliding around too horribly however. They seem like they should provide better coverage and will be better suited all around for my quest to finally get the hang of snowboarding this season than the 661 bomber shorts I've got for MTB.

Haven't had a chance to test mine out on the slopes yet but they seem to be cut pretty well, are comfortable, and decently constructed. They do seem a little bulky in a couple spots, but nothing range of motion hindering or annoying in my simulated testing around the house. They don't seem to produce much of a diaper effect visually under any of my size L, medium bagginess pants (TNF Freedom and Fargo and Oakley Karn).