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do theese beats work with a galaxy 4.0 mp3...

do theese beats work with a galaxy 4.0 mp3 player please respond............ thanks

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Personally though, I think this is a horrendous choice of headphones. A good friend of mine is a sound engineer and says that this brand is possibly the biggest ripoff in music. Mediocre to horrible sound quality for the price.

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I have to agree with Jeff, I bought these, and they sound only a little better than $30 skull candies, and sadly, skull candy is the better deal by far, because they have a life time return policy, whereas beats have none (other than BC's Superb one :)). This may be more advice than you want, but I just went through 10 days of intensive research to find a headphone that did what I wanted the beats to do. Unfortunately, I was, in the end unable to find a pair of over ear headphones that backcountry carries that was up to the standards that I was looking for. I got Audio Technica ATH M50s and couldnt be happier. They are a bit more bulky, but thats because they are professional monitoring headphones, however, with the bulk comes amazing sound, lows, mids and highs. The best part though is that they're only 140 bucks :)