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did anybody mount tourable bindings on...

did anybody mount tourable bindings on them, and if, will their be problems tracking or sidehilling?
Could i use the skins of my k2 waybacks( also 88mm underfoot) , or should i buy a mohaircarpet?

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Hey J�rgen Schulz,

Thanks for the question. Haven't used the Salomon BBR 8.9s with a touring setup personally but I don't see that anyone would have issues with mounting an AT binding on this ski except the Marker Duke for this year as it is 88mm wide at the mounting plate. I also don't envision any problems with tracking and sidehilling wouldn't be too bad with the shape of the tip the way it is.

Also, if those skins from your Waybacks are the K2 made skins, you'll want to get new ones as the K2 skin interface won't work with the Salomon BBR line. You'll need a skin that has a tip loop at least or that and a tail clip like one from Black Diamond or G3.