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can you use just these tablets and no...

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can you use just these tablets and no filter? or are they only used in conjunction with a filter?

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Well that is kind of the idea, but you want to probably boil it first and at least strain it. I keep these with my gear, but only really take them out in really boggy beaver infested areas. I find a good pump filter does just fine, like their hiker pro

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As is, kills bacteria, protozoans and viruses without the need for filtering. These just leave a bit of a chlorine smell and the faintest taste. The only reason you might want to do any filtration would be to remove particulates. The only thing you want to be aware of is the quality of the water and how long you need to allow the tablet to work. That said, in most places in the US, usually safe to drink in about 30 minutes. Effective stuff, but running water through a filter instead is a much more pleasurable experience, especially when the water starts warming up and the chlorine taste starts intensifying.