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can you put your precscription lenses in...

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can you put your precscription lenses in the frame

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you could i am sure, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of getting these glasses to begin with...light reduction. you might be hard pressed to find lenses that offer the same amount of visible light reduction.

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I was recently in an optometry's glasses store (or whatever you call it). I noticed they had these (and other Julbos and other brands) available. So I asked them about it and apparently you can get prescription lenses made for them. So the answer is yes, but probably not on

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My qualifications: I am a congenital 4-eyes, since 5th grade, and unable to wear contacts. Any good optician can put good sun lenses in at any good frames, if you can pay. You never, or rarely, get discounts for putting lenses in frames you bring in. I recommend polarized for most conditions. LIMITS: you can't use the frames with curved lenses. Most Julbos will probably hold Rx lenses. Buy a set, carry them in to the optician and ask: if they can't be fitted, return them. I have a pair of Julbo frames that I bought, tossed the lenses, and had fitted with good quality sunglass lenses - sturdy frames, lasted for years. Thinking about getting a new set, which is what got me here (go for ones with detachable side shields). I also have a pair of Persols that - after tossing the lenses - I fitted with Rx no-line tri focal polarized lenses. Top of the line. Lenses lasted >5 yrs of sun, snow, salt water and getting sat on twice. Hope that helps.

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You can get RX lenses in them at, based in Boulder Colorado. They ship to places all around the world and specialize in RX lenses. I've known a couple people who got Julbo fitted with an RX lense and had great results.