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can these be center mounted?

can these be center mounted?

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You can mount one binding to the tip and one to the tail if you want!

Honestly though; I mounted +2 from the factory line but that's personal preference. Works for me.

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It's centred enough for me, but I don't think it's true dead centre and I don't think it's intended to be skied that way either like a twin tip might.

When mounting I reviewed:


Finally decided to go with something in between Blister Gear Review and the BD Pro's mounting points. So far so good (again, disclaimer: works for me!)


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I mounted mine +2.5 from the factory line and they are great there. BD Athlete Johnny Collinson mounts his something like +4.5 and he does well with that. I'd say +2 is minimum. Not sure what center mount actually is. You could probably to it as the pintail shape of this ski will keep the tips from diving too much in powder.

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I mount mine pretty far forward... +4-5 cms. This ski is directional, so your not going to get a great feeling if you are centermounted. With a few forward I find it plenty easy to stomp switch landings and rip switch pow, plus it evens out the swingweight for spinning. I definitely recommend going a couple cms forward.