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can someone give me a list of things you...

can someone give me a list of things you can fit into this when you go climbing? like what things would you fill this up with for single pitch routes i like to climb in utah and rarely sport climb so including protection if that helps thank you

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This is more of a haul bag for multi-pitch/big wall climbs where you'll be sleeping on the wall and need something sturdy enough to hoist over craggy surfaces. If you want something to haul gear out for a day of single pitch trad climbing, a more conventional backpack will likely work alot better. I can fit all my sportclimbing gear, to include a 60-meter rope and a day's worth of food and water, in my 32 liter Black Diamond Demon backpack. If I was wanting to take all my trad gear as well, I think I could fit everything in a 45-50 liter pack. If you have a ton of trad gear, you may have to carry your rope on the outside of the pack. The upside of a 50-liter backpack is that it could get you through a 3-day hike or a 2-day mountaineering trip. Of course, if you don't have far to walk, you could carry all your stuff with a small daypack and a gear sling.

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Hey Eric,

That's a very thoughtful and accurate answer. I read Sam's question at about 10 o'clock last night and my mind went for a swim on all the possibilities of how it could be used, and the array of gear and provisions this bag could hold. I guess the only thing I could really add is that it could also be used to consolidate his equipment at base camp before sorting through what he needed to bring for the day's climb.

I looked at your profile- let me guess- unless those are the McCammond brothers, you're the one in the middle.


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I agree that these big wall haul bags could be useful in a ton of situations. They look like they'd last forever and hold a ton of stuff. I've drueled over them more than once. But, until I find myself preparing for a big wall, I don't think I could justify the extra piece of gear...although I always find my mind trying to justify more gear:)

I am the one in the middle:) I don't recall the names of the two other fellows. But, I hung out with them atop Mount Iwate and they were a blast. I wish they hadn't brought so much sake though. It was painful getting off the mountain the next day;)

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well the main reason I'm thinking about this bag is cause of its durability and because it will be hauled up some walls and beat up even though i don't plan to spend the night on the wall. I've just killed a bag or two on that sandstone, and like you said eric, if i get the chance and its easier i will take a gear sling and a day pack thanks for the answer