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but what does it weigh? And is 0deg inF...

but what does it weigh? And is 0deg inF or C? Big Difference!

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0° is in F. This is the most anti-metric country in the world, after all. USA! USA!

It weighs 2 lbs. 15 oz. Oddly enough, that's 2 oz more than last year, but it's all extra fill. I have no idea why they needed to add 2 oz of down while keeping the same temp rating.

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You will not find a better bag. I had the older model in a regular and just got the new one in a Long to have more space for drying clothes while I sleep. With the older one I have used it all over from -20 to 30 degrees F. I have done tons of research and tested many bags and this one just kills it.