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bought a tarp at hardware store - do i...

bought a tarp at hardware store - do i need 2 poles? how do i attach tarp to poles? how do i make sure poles are stable in the ground? do i need "stakes" too?

first-time tarp user

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It's all up to you and what you want to do. I often just sort of roll the tarp around my bag as a bivy to keep out the wind and wet. But I've used trekking poles and stakes to make a tent like structure. If you use poles to prop it up, you'll also need stakes to secure it to the ground.

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You can either use 2 or 4 poles depending on how you want to set your tarp up.

When using a large tarp I have always gone with 4 poles one on each corner.

These poles have a nice long tip on them that will go through the grommet on each corner.

Once you have the poles through the grommets then you will need ropes to tie off of, I like to have 2 ropes coming off each pole at opposite angles, then you will have to stake the ropes down.

Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of tarpology.

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to me tarping is a fine art. It kind of depends on what you have to work with. Trees or other natural wonders often provide, numerous design possibilities. But as a rule you should bring two poles with you for what Dany had stated

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I know this is old but for other's that may have the same question: The tarp we have used for the longest time was your average $10 hardware store tarp. We used 5 poles for it, one on each corner and then we took an adjustable one and a small square of plywood and poked a home in the center of the tarp. The center pole would then sit in the middle of the table and we would adjust it so the center was the highest point. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures and we have gotten rid of this setup otherwise I would have posted a picture

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Like everyone said above, the ways to set up a tarp are endless. You can easily set up a tarp with no, or just one pole. Use a tree on one end, a pole on the opposite, and guylines for the other two corners. You'll have to tie the pole down with at least one guyline, probably two. If you google tarp setup, or look on youtube, you will find endless methods. I have two of these poles and they are great.