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at 5'10"/150, am i over my head looking...

at 5'10"/150, am i over my head looking at this binding? looking for something for the rocker2s as i progress.

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At your weight you will be on the edge of the DIN chart settings at 9, which is the minimmu here. You can find options which will suit you just as well without paying for a 16 DIN setting, which you are unlikely to use.

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Well if you are an extrememly aggresive skier i would say you aren'tover your head but if not, i would go for 14's because im 5'11 and 175 pounds and i have my dins on 8 and i landed sidways and the just barely released. If they wouldnt, i might have broken my knee or ankle. So i don't know. If you are boosting off 10-30 foot cliffs daily, i would go with the 16's. But because you're so light, i would go with the 14 just for to be safe. hope this helps.

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If you want to use a din from 11 to 14 these are your ticket