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are these good?

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are these good?

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Yes, there are a few reviews on here claiming how much they loved them.

" They drive beefy carving skis with precision and power"

"They perform on the ski area like a dream and the fit is the best i have ever had."

"I am an extremely picky boot shopper, and I think I have found the one for me."

"They provide me with the stiffness and lightness that I am seeking, Love them. Will never give them up."

Always read reviews, worth their weight in gold. (they weigh a ton too!)

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Depends. It's a low volume AT boot. It doesn't have the forward lean or ramp angle of most performance alpine boots. Cuff height is short. I LOVE this boot! However, it is not for ripping hard groomers on a stiff high performance alpine ski -- you will get rocked.