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are the crabs full size on the Astro? how...

are the crabs full size on the Astro? how do they stack up to the Heliums? I love WC gear but fear these may be too small. Any input would be much appreciated. thanks!

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no, The biners in Astro are pretty small. They are simillar to Black Diamond Oz. However - there is a bigger version of Astro which is Wild Country Nitro biner. Heliums and Nitros are both the same full size yet still light. Heliums have those clean nose bonus but they are much more expensive. They have also wider nose so it could be a little harder for them to clip into older bolts. I bought one Astro couple of days ago to check it out and it turned out too small, almost like a toy biner. It may be good on big walls where You have 40 of them but for like 12-15 in crags or shorter 1-2 days mountain routes I prefer bigger binners over smaller ones. I think Nitro is the best choice considering the price.