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anyone got info on this product? how well...

anyone got info on this product? how well does it handle rain with and/or without the foot print? it can be setup with trek poles right? how much does the fabric weigh alone by itself?

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Hi. Yes, you can leave the two poles behind and then your shelter will weigh a little over two pounds. This design is a modification of the 2003 MSR Twin Peaks (I've used this while backpacking for years). I like the additional door and the additional vent in this model. Remember though, that this is a minimalist shelter. Rain presents a problem because when you open either door, driving rain and wind come right in with you. This shelter is best when set-up on well-drained ground - or you'll probably experience puddles and streams of rainwater - with or without the footprint. In sunny and hot weather, you can unzip both doors and raise one side as an awning. Remember that when set-up low to the ground and with both doors shut, there will be condensation - especially if you sleep two people and your dog inside of it.