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Yo, I bought the 156 Wide, im 6'2" 170,...

Yo, I bought the 156 Wide, im 6'2" 170, and i keep hearin how people size down on these boards. I do normally jib around the park anyway, but I was wondering if it would have been smarter to go with the 154 Wide.

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The reason they say you can size this board down 5cm is the way they constructed the tip and tail. By bringing them lower to the ground and the curve (from snow to air) steeper they kept the same sidecut and effective edge as a longer board.

Essentially a jibtip 154 board will have a sidecut and effective edge close to that of a "regular" 159. Check out K2's board specs for comparison:

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you prolly could have gotten away with it at your weight.. but since your 6" 2" you shouldnt have any issue whippin around a 156, if it was a heavier board maybe but there so light that it shouldnt make a difference