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Write your question here...What Parka would...

Write your question here...What Parka would be recommended for North Dakota winters? Las year it was not uncommon to see -60F w/ windchill.

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Probably anything in their Arctic Program line would be good. I've used their Heli Arctic parka before at -30 with just a t shirt on underneath and that is about the same as the Expedition only without the exterior pockets. The Ontario parka seems good and the Constable jacket is designed as a shorter coat for extreme cold. The Chilliwack is very popular in middle and eastern Canada but is not as long as a parka so the protection will be different.

They make sort of three categories. Slim Insulated, Regular Insulated, and Relaxed Insulated. The slim fitting products aren't intended for sub zero as they are more city wear but are nice coats. I am 6' and 169 lbs and in the Regular fit a medium is right for me. In Relaxed I can fit a small but have had to make large size work in work situations and it didn't look or feel absurd but but I would think pretty hard between a medium or small Expedition for myself if I was buying one. The Expedition would most certainly handle the cold you are talking about.