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Write your question here...I'm 6 foot 4...

Write your question here...I'm 6 foot 4 and weight 220 lbs, will this 10 foot 11" kayak work for me.

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With adjustable foot braces, you can get most kayaks to 'fit' regardless of your height (unless your legs are exceptionally long). Weight would be the more important concern. The Cayuga 110 is rated at a weight capacity of 250 pounds, so (weighing 220 pounds) this doesn't leave a whole lot of leeway for gear. Actually, the Cayuga 110 is the smallest Cayuga (there are also the Cayuga 130 and Cayuga 146

You would likely be OK in this kayak, but if you are planning on packing quite a bit of gear (or are planning on using it on rough water) you may wish to consider a bigger boat.