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Write your question here...I am not a...

Write your question here...I am not a climber but my children climb. I am a taxi and Belay slave and am looking for a new harness. I often times am belaying for many many hours and need something that is comfortable and is safe to belay in. Would this be a good option?

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hi mark, for the purpose you need the harness for, i dont think this is a great option. this harness is designed for alpine climbing and skiing where to be lightweight is key and comfort definitely isnt. so it wont be comfortable at all because they expect this harness to worn with heavy winter clothing in the place of padding. i would look into harnesses like the black diamond chaos or ozone, i can personally say they are incredibly comfortable for all-day affairs and perfectly safe. another good option is the Arc'teryx R320, but thats pretty serious price wise. theres many other ones, i just said the ones that are the top- of- the-line in comfort, just read reviews and people will tell weather or not its any good . and i have say that this harness is VERY specialized, and not very good for gyms and things like that, good luck with the harness search!