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Write your question here...How do you opperate the dials on the watch? I figured out the tide one (kind of), but can't figure out the big one

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Here is a link for the user manual. Everything you need to know can be found within...

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Adjustment knobs are on the left side so that they do not get in the way of your wrist/hand. The watch is meant to be worn while surfing. If the knobs were on the right side of the watch, they'd dig into your wrist/hand while paddling out to catch a wave. The watch is meant to be worn by a right-handed person (on the left wrist). Essentially, they're on the left to keep them out of the way. When surfing, the design performs as intended.

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Unscrew the big knob in a counter-clockwise direction. Once unscrewed, it will pop out. Then twist to set the time. To retighten it, push the knob in and turn clockwise. It should screw in five or six revolutions.