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Write your question here...Hi, I am an older, slightly heavy, woman who enjoys recreational and river kayaking. Is it importamt to get a woman's jacket? Does the flowter have a high enough back that will not interfear with the kayak's seat back? I have a Dagger Blackwater 10.5 that i got about 8 years ago.

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Write your answer here...I've had no problems with the Flowter PFD. Very light, and non-restrictive while paddling. It does ride high enough that it does not bother with my seat back (I have an Eddyline Journey). I bought the men's PFD, as that was on sale at the time I was shopping. It has enough straps to adjust the fit at various spots that I don't think you'll have to buy a women's PFD.

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The back of this PFD is very comfortable and should not interfere with your paddling or kayak seat. I also agree with Jane that there is plenty of strap adjustment to get a custom fit.