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Write your question here... I just bought a cap 2 shirt and washed it on cold on delicate setting and dried it on tumble dry low with medium heat. Are those the correct wash settings? After the first washing and drying i noticed pilling and im wondering if thats normal. From everything i heard, i didnt expect something like this happen for a long time. Also, could these shirt hold up to washing about once a week if i wore it every week? Thanks

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They should be right, That's how I usually wash my synthetics. You can always check with Patagonia though for their recommended wash settings too.

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That's not right. I've been wearing Capilene shirts for years, and I've never had any pilling at all. For sure, call Patagonia. As far as washing goes- obviously, lots of wash cycles will take their toll, but it shouldn't be any problem. Sometimes just a quick hand rinse is enough to freshen things up.