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1 is this the...

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1 is this the bag that is adjustable +8" girth expander.
2 why does the long size seem tighter than regular size (
Shoulder / Hip / Foot Circumference:
[Reg] 78 / 62 / 58in ( 198 / 157 / 147cm); [Long] 64 / 60 / 40in (163 / 152 / 102cm))

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Brad. This is the bag that is adjustable. There are two zipper tracks in the bag... one to get in and out of the bag and one to open the bag expander. As for the sizing, I am not sure why the numbers are showing up that way. Maybe a typo... here are the measurements of the long: Inside length=84", Shoulder Girth=64", Hip Girth=60", Foot Girth=40". Hope this info helps.