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Would these socks be good to use in a three...

Would these socks be good to use in a three season mountaineering boot. Looking for a socks that will give me enough padding and support but not just roast my feet

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I have a pair of these.. but I only use them in the winter. They do have great padding and comfort, however I find them to be too warm from late Spring to early Fall. They are definitely too heavy and warm for the typical 3 season temps (40F-80F+).

Are you going to be doing high altitude mountaineering?

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I agree with Eli: they're a little warm for summer months. Check out the Icebreaker mid crew sock ( for something with a little (less) cushion that you won't cook in. I own a light crew pair and love them, and other reviewers have said they outlast smartwool by a longshot (and they're cheaper, to boot).

Happy trails!

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Midweight or medium would be the call unless you have super cold feet or are looking to take up volume in a boot that's a little big. Awesome socks!