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Would it be too warm in hot weather? Could...

Would it be too warm in hot weather? Could you manage a clothes change in it? Could you see the stars through it?

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This bivy is good for all seasons. A contortionist could manage a change of clothes in it & the stars are highly visible when the top is down!

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I spent a summer doing field research in the North Cascades using this bag comboed with a light weight sleeping bag. I found this bivy to be too hot, and the hoop didn't keep the netting off my face enough. Result: sweaty body bugged by incessant buzzing. I've not tried the tripod version, but I think it might keep the bivy material off your head enough to allow more heat to escape. Hope this helps

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These are one of the better. I have tried, no bag one that was 89 and I turned into a sauna tube in a minute. Most will be waterproof but it is the breathability.

I like Big agnes for their eVent bivy or one that is goretex for the best breatheability.

Also yes get a bipod/tripod for soemthing off your face. Some dont care but I cant stand anything on my face.

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A little tight for clothes change. Long might be worthwhile for the extra storage. It's pretty warm in the summer. I prefer a tarptent in conditions where it's not going to rain a whole lot.

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I'm a minimalist.

While Hiking on the Appalachian Trail, this bag have gotten too hot during the summer even though I don't really use anything on myself and slept atop of the pad and sleeping bag. So the temperature is a big factor.

For warmer yet wet season, I'll recommend a tarp tent system with some netting to prevent bugs from biting you. If it's a dry season, just cowboy camping will do if the dew isn't that bad via West versus East (PCT & AT)

It's a great bivy sack if the condition requires it. I've hiked for 800 miles or more with it on the Appalachian. For not too warm weather, I like to use light/bottomless sleeping bag with half-pad left in the Bivy sack & roll it up then stuffing it in long sack bag to save some time for the set-up/packing.