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Would anybody recomend these for every day...

Would anybody recomend these for every day use? Or will the rubber wear down really fast? I'm looking for a sticky soled shoe, that is some what suportive, stable and durable for hiking and scrambling. Last pair of Five tens I owned were the Warhawks and they gripped every thing from rock to hard wood floors. But they broke in really fast, wore down, and alot of stiching came loose.

My main concern is on and off everyday use.

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it wear down really fast on a day to day use...

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these are great for everyday use, i live in a colder climate and these shoes get wet from snow and are used to approach in snow and in summer. their durability is great (mine have lasted 6 months), less technical than other approach shoes though...

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I've been in my pair for about 6-7 months now and they are just starting to wear a bit. They are a great go to for everyday use, the sole will form to foot pretty well over time, but will definitely not give good support if you are on your feet all day at work. Originally designed by FiveTen founder as a mix between a climbing shoe and a Tennis shoe, he literally played tennis a few times a week after climbing and was sick of changing shoes, so being a crazy smart USC grad and rubber compound guru made these to fill the gap.