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Wondering how well this tent performs in...

Wondering how well this tent performs in cool weather (i.e. around zero degrees celsiuis). We have had a Marmot Swallow for years and love that all mesh areas can be zipped up with nylon to retain heat in cooler weather. Keeping a couple of window flaps open with the fly vents still provides good venting in cool temperatures. There is no comparable Marmot tent for 4 people though, the Halo was recommended as an alternate. I'm not sure about all that mesh - good venting yes, but lots of heat loss on close to zero nights? appreciate any insights from anyone who has used in colder weather. Thanks.

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JT...your concerns are quite valid. I have a HALO 4 and when it gets really cool to cold all that mesh works against you. I saw your question posted as I was looking up HALO 4 specs to compare to other tents as I'm now looking for something more suitable for colder weather...the HALO 4...while an outstanding tent...simply is too "breezy" in cold weather.