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Gear Question

Wondering how volcom gear fits. I'm 5'10...

Wondering how volcom gear fits. I'm 5'10 205Lbs, I wear a tekvest underneath (sledding) and wondering whether an XL or L is the way to go. Anyone got any insight?

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I'd say for your size, you'll be happier with an XL for a few reasons.

-Not only will your tekvest will take up room in the jacket, but you'll be in a sitting position on your sled which also uses more space.
-You need room to layer up without constricting your movement.
-The XL will have 1.5" longer sleeves to keep your hands/wrists covered in riding position.

You could always buy both and return one. But if you can only afford one I suggest trying out the XL first. Put ALL your gear on and hop on your sled for a test. If the XL is too big, you can pick up the Large with confidence. We offer a 100% no questions asked exchange policy, so go nuts.