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With the 911 and family help buttons, is...

With the 911 and family help buttons, is there a way to cancel a distress signal that was accidentally sent? It seems like it would be a bit too easy for one of those buttons to be hit.

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To Cancel an SOS call: Press and hold the SOS button until it blinks red. Let SPOT work until the SOS button stops blinking red. The Message Sending light will blink green indicating it has sent the Cancel message.

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Buy an ACR Sarlink. It's not a toy. By the time you buy this unit and pay for an annual subscription, and maybe get your signal out, maybe not, the extra money you spend up front for the ACR might actually save your life. It also takes pressing two buttons very deliberately and deploying a small antenna to activate.

Google 'reviews of Spot Messenger' and just start reading.

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On the latest version as shown in the picture above there are safety covers over the buttons to help prevent from hitting them by accident.

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I have had the older unit for a while now, and hitting the buttons by accident has and is not a concern, it just does not happen. They are small and recessed, it takes an effort to push them.

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NO! As soon as the "SOS" signal is sent, the 911 call is placed. Turning off the emergency signal by holding it another 5 seconds will cause the signal to stop but help is already on the way! If you accidentally sent a "SOS" message--- LEAVE THE SIGNAL ON! When help arrives, be very appoligetic and hope they dont kick your ass!
ONLY push the "SOS" button if your LIFE is in danger! This is not a signal to have someone bring you water or help you back to the car. It's perpose is to save a life, not assist in mistakes.